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  • Public Adjusters Get YOU the Most $$$MONEY$$$ for YOUR Insurance Claim!
  • We Fight the Insurance Company!
  • Public Adjusters Work for You, NOT the Insurance Company!
  • “Public Adjusters get policyholders 747% more money for their claim”!
  • FREE Property Damage Inspection and Consultation!

What is a Public Adjuster?

• A Public Adjuster is an insurance claims public adjuster who advocates on behalf of the policyholder (not the insurance company) throughout the entire insurance claims process.
• A Public Adjuster assesses the value of the loss or damage of the insurance claim by determining the insurance coverage, evaluating the cause, scoping, gathering evidence, documenting, and preparing estimates.
• A Public Adjuster manages all aspects of the claim and negotiates with the insurance provider to facilitate a fair and just resolution for the policyholder.

Why should I use a Public Adjuster?
• According the Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability, “the difference in payments was larger for claims related to 2005 hurricanes, with public adjuster claims resulting in payments that were 747% higher.” And “public adjuster representation typically resulted in larger payments to policyholders.”
• When a layperson, as opposed to a Public Adjuster, negotiates with the insurance company, they may utilize incorrect terminology enabling the insurance company to truncate or reject the insured’s claim. Many policyholders end up leaving money on the table due to a lack of insurance claims knowledge.
• Many policyholders may be intimidated into acquiescing and accepting inadequate compensation for their loss, not knowing the funds are not near enough to fully repair or replace their loss.
• A Public Adjuster should be called a PRIVATE ADJUSTER because a Public Adjuster essentially works for the private homeowner or business owner to ensure they receive a fair and just settlement for their loss.
• Public Adjusters are experienced professionals knowledgeable in comprehending the terms and provisions of the policy, including that the burden of proof is the responsibility of the policyholder.
• Public Adjusters are required, by law, to complete a certified course of study and exam; as well as continuing education to be licensed (by their respective states) and bonded.

D’Orsa and Associates, LLC Public Adjusters will file your insurance claim for you and represent you through the complete insurance claims procedure to ensure you receive the just compensation possible for your loss.  Yes, D’Orsa and Associates, LLC will hold your hand because you matter to us!

D’Orsa and Associates, LLC has expertise encompassing the analysis and scoping of damages; as well as the cost to make YOU, the policyholder, whole again. We are aggressive and accurate in the assessment of losses; persuasive, articulate, diplomatic. D’Orsa and Associates, LLC will strive to ensure you receive the most equitable and prompt settlement possible.


Telephone: (877) P I Adjuster (742-3587) Facsimile: (855) 742-3587

Public Adjuster

Public Adjusters

All Damages and Losses
Water, Leaks, Mold, Burglary, Vandalism, Fire, Smoke, Hurricane, Storm, Business Interruption

D’Orsa and Associates, LLC work on a contingency basis, by law there are no upfront costs or hidden charges; our fee is a small percentage of your settlement.

If the policyholder does not get paid, the Public Adjuster does not get paid.