Private Investigator on Kardashian Robbery

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Oct 062016

Private Investigator on Kardashian Robbery

Private Investigator and Public Adjuster Patricia D’Orsa-Dijamco comments on Kardashian Robbery


Private Investigator and Public Adjuster

                                                                                    Private Investigator and Public Adjuster


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Nov 012015

Who are the policyholders?
Please review your homeowner’s insurance policy to verify that your policy is in the correct name(s). D’Orsa and Associates, LLC recently handled an insurance claim where the insured still had his deceased wife name on the policy. The insurance company refused to take the deceased wife’s name off as a payee on the reimbursement settlement check; even with the provided proof of the death certificate. Can you envision if one of the payees on your homeowner’s policy was an ex spouse from a previous divorce! Suppose you receive a huge insurance settlement and you have to approach your ex spouse to have he or she endorse the check. Please review the policyholders of your homeowner’s policy. Make sure all your insurance policies are up to date in all respects.
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The Five Top Sources of Interior Water Damage

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Oct 302015

The Five Top Sources of Interior Water Damage
1. Plumbing Supply System Failure
Notice signs of increased monthly water bills, knocking pipes, rust stains, and dampness in the walls or on the floor, wet soil about the foundation
Schedule a plumbing inspection and make repairs. Consider investing in a leak detection system.
2. Toilet Failure
A third of all toilet failures are caused by overflowing or congested toilets.
In case of an overflow, turn off the supply valve. Inspect toilets components twice a year.
3. Water Heater Failure
Most water heaters start to fail when they are approximately 12 years old.
Schedule an inspection every two years, then annually after the warrant expires. Complete periodic maintenance such as flushing out sediments and inspecting the rods and valves.
4. Plumbing Drain System Failure
Over half of plumbing system failures is the result of sewer backups.
Have a plumber install a backflow prevention assembly. Plant trees away from drain lines. Never pour grease down the drain.
5. Washing Machine Failure
More than half of the claims in a recent study were associated to washing machine rubber hose failures. Life expectancy of rubber hoses is three to five years.
Inspect supply hoses yearly and replace every five years with reinforced hoses. Circumvent overloading the machine and if absent for an extended period of time, turn off the water supply to the machine.
Source: Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety
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D’Orsa and Associates, LLC Public Adjusters

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Jul 192014

D’Orsa and Associates, LLC Public Adjusters welcome you to our web site. We invite you to check out our other sites at www.florida-public-adjuster.com or www.licensed-public-adjuster.com or even some of our many other sites. Please remember to like us on Face Book, follow us on Twitter or Google. Comments are always welcome or discussions of quality. Should you suffer any damage to your home or business, contact D’Orsa and Associates, LLC Public Insurance Adjusters immediately for help filing your insurance claims. Remember if you don’t get paid, we don’t get paid. Public Adjusters, on average, yield far more funds for recovery than a policyholder is able to obtain on their own. (877) 742-3587. (877) P I Adjuster

We are licensed Public Adjusters in Florida, North Carolina and soon Massachusetts!

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