Who and what are Public Adjusters?
When should you use a Public Adjuster and more particularly, can they actually help you?

Public Adjusters support and represent the insured in the course of settling their insurance claims.

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Public Adjuster Florida.  You are visiting this website because your Florida home or business has been damaged or destroyed by water, fire, snow and ice (okay, well maybe not snow and ice), storm, flood, tornado, or hurricane; burst plumbing line such as a refrigerator or dishwasher line, or simply a leaky pipe. You may be at your frustrated attempting to deal with your insurance company. Dissatisfaction dealing with insurance companies leads many victims to turn to Public Adjusters to assist in the insurance claims process. The loss of the use of your home or business can be stressful.

Public Adjusters do not represent the insurance company or those repairing the loss. Public Adjusters are, by law, advocates for the policyholders. The Public Adjusters are closely monitored and regulated by the State of Florida; and must be licensed.

Public Adjusters have the duty to be current with the most up-to-date rules or laws of insurance coverage. The Public Adjusters must attend continuing education courses to maintain proficiency in their field. A Public Adjuster has the equivalent, if not more, training as an insurance adjuster who, in contrast, works for the insurance company. Many Public Adjusters once worked as adjusters for the insurance companies.

Insurance companies when presented with a claim (by the policyholder) are adversarial in nature. The insurance company prefers to pay the least amount of money feasible (for the claim). The individual insurance adjuster (not the Public Adjuster) works for the insurance company. The insurance adjuster may intimidate the claimant, who is vulnerable, into acquiescing and accepting “patch and repair” coverage instead of full replacement coverage. The policyholder has been paying premiums to the insurance company for many years, fulfilling their contract in with diligence with the expectation of receiving a fair and just settlement for their claim. Insurance is a risk and the insurance company does not like to lose in the gamble.

How to choose a Public Adjuster in Florida? The actual licensed Public Adjuster will visit the home or business to accurately scope damage. Request the Public Adjuster to display their license. A Public Adjuster Florida should be well versed with insurance law, as well as construction. The Public Adjuster will help and advise you to mitigate any damage. A reputable Public Adjuster will not advise you to use his cousin or good friend to complete the repairs. The Public Adjuster will handle and represent you with your insurance claim through all stages of the claim.

Many policyholders delay in hiring Public Adjusters until they become irritated attempting to deal with the insurance companies (who are expert in wearing down the insured). In fact, many people have never even heard of Public Adjusters. Although, Public Adjusters receive compensation in the form of a percentage of your claim; hiring a Public Adjuster is better than having no adjuster at all. Our Florida Public Adjusters have the expertise to negotiate with the insurance company to obtain the homeowner or business owner significantly more compensation for their loss then the policyholder would receive on their own.

Our goal is to achieve a final settlement that is accurate and fair for the POLICYHOLDER!
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